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Trucking Services

At the heart of Ellis Canyon’s operations is its trucking fleet, which plays a pivotal role in their daily activities. The fleet, headlined by a robust 2007 International dump truck, is not just a symbol of their commitment to quality but also a testament to their ability to handle a diverse range of tasks. This dump truck, alongside a pup trailer and a 26-foot flat deck trailer, forms the backbone of its equipment, enabling the company to haul everything from drain rock to landscape rock, bark mulch, dirt, road material and asphalt with ease.

What We Do

One of the key services offered by Ellis Canyon is the hauling of various materials, making it crucial for local construction and landscaping projects, where materials such as drain rock, landscape rock and bark mulch are in constant demand. Their ability to transport these materials efficiently makes them an invaluable asset to the Penticton trucking industry. The company caters to a wide range of hauling needs, whether it’s for small-scale landscaping projects or large construction endeavours.

Ellis Canyon Contracting is a trusted name in the hauling and site clearing industry. With a strong focus on versatility and reliability, they offer an array of services, ranging from hauling various materials to clearing sites for new projects.


Additional Services

Beyond hauling, Ellis Canyon is also deeply involved in site clearing. This aspect of their service portfolio involves preparing a site by removing any existing structures, debris or vegetation. It’s a critical first step in many construction projects, and the company excels in this area. Their trucking prowess in Penticton is especially beneficial here, as it allows them to swiftly clear sites and haul away the debris, facilitating a smoother start for construction projects.

What sets us apart

Moreover, Ellis Canyon’s flexibility in hiring out their truck to third parties has garnered them a reputation for being a versatile and co-operative partner in the industry. The company’s stamina and dedication are rare, making it a go-to choice for clients who need reliable and long-term trucking services in Penticton.

Ellis Canyon represents the epitome of a versatile and dependable trucking company in Penticton. Its willingness to work tirelessly, often for extended periods, further cements its status as a key player in the trucking industry of Penticton.

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