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Excavation Services

At the heart of Ellis Canyon’s operations lies a unique approach to excavation, as their strategic partnerships and resourceful approach allow them to access top-tier excavation equipment. This flexibility is key to their ability to respond promptly and effectively to a variety of projects. This adaptability is particularly crucial in a diverse and evolving landscape like Penticton, where construction demands can vary significantly from one project to another.


How do we get started?

Ellis Canyon Contracting has made a significant mark in the realm of excavation. Known for their expertise in “excavating Penticton,” the company offers a broad spectrum of services, covering everything from foundation work to demolition.


Request an Estimate

Please feel free to reach out to us via email, or alternatively, you may contact us by phone or text at 250-809-5574 to request a complimentary estimate. Upon inclusion in our schedule, our team will arrange a visit to assess your specific needs, gather essential details regarding your project, and determine your preferred timeline for the work needed.


Book in for the Project

Following project approval, receipt of payment, and confirmation of your booking, the process will commence. We will coordinate with you to identify a suitable date and time to initiate the project. Throughout the project duration, we will provide you with regular updates regarding the progress made and the projected timeline for completion.


Creation of the Design

Using specialized software, they can bring your ideas to life, allowing clients to visualize their dream project in both 2D and 3D before any work begins. This collaborative approach ensures that the final result aligns perfectly with the client’s vision.


Project Finishes

Upon completion of the project, we will provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of the project. During this orientation, we will highlight all the critical aspects of the project and discuss any pertinent details you should be aware of. We aim to ensure that you are fully informed about the functionality and maintenance of your new setup.


Residential & Commercial
Excavation Services

The company’s clientele is as varied as its services. Homebuilding is the most common project for Ellis Canyon’s excavation services, but they also serve individuals and businesses embarking on new constructions, requiring meticulous site preparation, which is fundamental to any successful construction project. Their role in “excavating Penticton” extends beyond just digging; it’s about laying the groundwork for future developments that shape the city’s skyline.


One of their specialties is site clearing and preparation. This involves a range of tasks such as drainage, working on rock pits, and installing French drains and catch basins. They are particularly skilled in the installation of roof drains, essential for managing rainwater in residential and commercial buildings. The process of excavation and backfilling with the excavator is a critical part of their service offering, ensuring that the groundwork is laid with precision and care.

Ellis Canyon has also made its mark in the installation of perimeter drains. These are crucial for any property, as they prevent water from seeping into foundations and causing structural damage. Their expertise extends to more leisure-oriented projects as well, including pool base preparation for in-ground pools.


Additional Services

Utility installation is another significant area of strength. Ellis Canyon handles the excavation for installing essential utilities like sewer, electrical, water and gas lines. Digging trenches for these utilities requires not only precision but also a deep understanding of the local infrastructure, a knowledge area in which Ellis Canyon excels.


Road building and driveway preparation are also part of their repertoire. The company has experience in constructing gravel roads and preparing driveways for concrete and asphalt finishing. This aspect of their work contributes significantly to the infrastructure development in Penticton, enhancing accessibility and connectivity within the city.

Let's Work Together

Ellis Canyon’s range of services, from foundational work to utility installation, plays a pivotal role in the city’s ongoing development. Their approach, marked by flexibility, expertise and a deep understanding of their clients’ needs, positions them as a key player in the construction and excavation landscape of Penticton.

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